42nd WorldFest International Independent Film Festival
Monday - April 20, 2009 9:00 pm Theatre
Wednesday - April 22, 2009 5:00 pm Theatre C

The 42nd WorldFest International Independent Film Festival will screen, as a north american première, the Italian movie COBALT BLUE NIGHT, the debut feature film by sicilian director DANIELE GANGEMI and produced by GRAZIA RENDO for Orchidea. The director and the producer will enter the screenings in Houston, scheduled on April 20th and April 22nd.

The movie is set in Catania (Sicily) with the most interesting young Italian actors such as CORRADO FORTUNA (who worked with Giuseppe Tornatore and Paolo Virzì), REGINA ORIOLI (Gabriele Muccino, Carlo Verdone and Paolo Virzì as well), VALENTINA CARNELUTTI (she has played for Theo Angelopoulos’ The dust of time, Steven Soderbergh’ Ocean’s twelve, Ridley Scott’ Hannibal, also with several Italian directors as Marco Tullio Giordana). ALESSANDRO HABER is a very famous italian actor (he plays also as comedian in theatres and in several movies with Mario Monicelli, Giuseppe Tornatore, Gabriele Salvatores and Nanni Moretti).

DANIELE GANGEMI has worked as radio author and announcer, photographer, journalist, before he got captivated by cinema. He attended the course of Cinema at DAMS (Dance, Art, Music, Show) at Bologna University. Between 2002 and 2003 he wrote, directed and produced the short film titled “Alter ego”.

The Synopsis: What would you do if you started working as a pizza deliverer and you realized that “Cobalt Blue” wasn’t just a pizza take away? If in that box you would deliver to the most peculiar people in the city, there was something more than a tasty smelling meal? And if it opened the doors to your unconscious and showed the thin line that exists between dream and reality? Dino, a failing student, is about to live the most important events of his life. All that will happen during this long sole night, is an adventure destined to revolutionize everything. Dino hasn’t had an easy life in his town, the attempts to conciliate with Valeria, his great love, always fail miserably, his university career is a disaster and it’s really necessary to confront the situation and start again. But from where?

The director Daniele Gangemi says that “Cobalt blue night” was created by the idea to focus on the world and society, passing through Catania, the town where our story takes place with Dino Malaspina, who, unfortunately, must face one of the most delicate phases of a love story: the end. It’s a universal matter, lived through the mind, eyes and voice of a boy, too tied to his past and unable to accept reality. From the apparently casual encounter between Dino and this peculiar pizzeria, called “ Cobalt blue”, a mystery formation process begins…

Orchidea is a new Italian film production company, set in Catania (Sicily) in 2008, whose goal is to promote and realize independent films coming from young directors or screenwriters. This director’s debut film has been possible thanks to producer’s courage: they understood that only investing in talented young it’s possible to have a high quality product for film industry.
Magic and creative atmosphere created at the set, together with some lucky coincidences, let Giuliano Sangiorgi, from “Negramaro”, one of the most famous Italian rock groups, arrive in Catania during the film shooting. He was very impressed and for this reason he wanted to compose all the film soundtracks.

42nd WordFest Houston Independent Film Festival
April 17-26, 2009


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